Sand smelt (Ährenfische) Freeze-dried fish

Sand smelt (Ährenfische) 25g (1 Piece)
Sand smelt (Ährenfische) 25g (1 Piece)
Sand smelt (Ährenfische) 25g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 25g
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Long-lasting super-treat with an intense aroma, maximum flavour and a variety of nutrients

Thanks to our special freeze-drying technology, the flavour, aroma and nutrients are optimally preserved. Our especially gentle processing yields a snack treat with a long shelf-life, perfect for travelling, training and daily rewards.

Our protein-rich treats allow the body to build and/or gain muscles and also promote healthy bones.

Bavarian quality

We proudly source our ingredients (as far as possible) from local providers and process these in Bavaria, ensuring the maximum quality for your pet.

Special features

  • Preservative free
  • Additive free
  • 100% natural
  • Gluten-free
  • The fish are neither irradiated nor treated with chlorine



Sand smelts

Ingredient profile

54 % raw protein, 35 % raw oils and fats, 1 % raw fibre, 4 % crude ash

Feeding recommendation

Feed as a treat as needed.


Feed material for dogs and cats
25 g pouch

Weight before freeze-drying: approx. 100 g

What our clients say

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