Recipe For Success

Dr. Thomas Brandner
Geschäftsführer und Eigentümer

Anifit products provide our pets with the food they were used to in their original environments and which is still required by their organisms. Anifit recipes are as close to the original prey of dogs and cats as possible and contain all nutrients and minerals needed by your pet.

The mixture of meat and vegetables or other ingredients such as pasta has been adapted to the needs of the animals. Hence, the percentage of fresh meat in Anifit products lies at 90% to 95%.

Our success proves us right! Many pets have shown new vitality, an improved metabolic function and increased energy levels, usually two to three weeks after their diet was switched to Anifit.

Animals which are fed a healthy diet have a significantly higher quality of life and a significantly higher life expectancy.

To ensure that you receive only the best for your pet, our products are only sold through trained Anifit consultants. They are happy to assist and advise you anytime. Enjoy the benefits of having a personal contact!

Dr. Thomas Brandner